Hagel's Son: Marijuana Charge Dismissed

Chuck and Ziller Hagel
Chuck and Ziller Hagel in Jerusalem in April. (AP)

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel's son, Ziller, has  a clean record after completing 100 hours of community service resulting from his marijuana possession bust in Virginia last May.

Ziller was listening to music in his car when police decided to search it. They found a small amount of pot.

“We had a real issue of whether they could prove it was there and whether there was a legitimate right to search the car," says Hagel's attorney Nina J. Ginsberg.

On May 29, a Fairfax County District Court Judge Thomas E. Gallahue dismissed the charge against the 20-year-old.

His father as appointed Secretary of Defense by Pres. Obama and took office in February. He's the former Republican Senator of Nebraska.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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