2013 Celebrity Drug Busts from A-Z

2 Chainz
2 Chainz was arrested three times for marijuana in 2013.

A total of 44 celebrities were arrested (or cited) for marijuana or other drugs in 2013. Celebs include musicians, actors, athletes, activists and politicians.

There were 48 celebrity drug arrests this year, up from 43 in 2012. There were 39 celebs busted last year.

The best-known arrestees are Amanda Bynes, Heidi Fleiss (twice) and Craig Robinson.

Eight NFL players were arrested and seven in hip-hop, with 2 Chainz getting popped three times.

Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Three representatives makes this list- Florida Congressman Trey Radel, New York's Steve Katz and Missouri's Jeremy LaFaver.

Seven activists ran afoul of marijuana laws while protesting them.

Here's the Roll Call:

2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps) 2/14; Easton, MD; marijuana possession, paraphernalia

2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps) 6/11; LAX; marijuana, Promethazine

NBA veteran Michael Beasley.

2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps) 8/22; Oklahoma City, OK; interfering with police

Alex Abreu 3/7; Akron, OH; marijuana trafficking

Michael Beasley 8/6; Scottsdale, AZ; marijuana possession, paraphernalia

Dwayne Bowe 11/10; Riverside, MO; marijuana possession

Nigel Bradham 8/19; Tonawanda, NY; marijuana possession citation; dismissed

Christopher Butts 12/28; Cullman, AL; cultivation, trafficking illegal drugs*

Amanda Bynes 5/23; New York, NY; marijuana possession

Chief Keef (Keith Cozert) 5/20; Dunwoody, GA; marijuana possession; disorderly conduct

Rob Corry 9/25; Denver, CO; public consumption of marijuana

Chief Keef
Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

Claude Davis 4/29; Morristown, NJ; marijuana possession*

DJ Clue (Ernesto Shaw) 4/3; New York, NY; unidentified pills

DMX (Earl Simmons) 8/20; Greer, SC; marijuana possession

Jenelle Evans 4/23; North Carolina; heroin possession, paraphernalia

Heidi Fleiss 8/7; Pahrump, NV; marijuana cultivation

Heidi Fleiss 10/22; Pahrumo, NV; marijuana possession with intent to sell

Former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss.

Chris Goldstein 6/30; Philadelphia, PA; marijuana possession citation

Chris Goldstein 8/31; Philadelphia, PA; marijuana possession

Mike Goodson 5/17; Denville, NJ; marijuana, paraphernalia and gun possession

Gucci Mane (Radric Davis) 9/14; Atlanta, GA; marijuana possession

Bernard Goetz 11/1; New York, NY; criminal sale of marijuana

P.J. Hairston 6/4; Durham, NC; marijuana possession (dismissed)

Cynthia Hardy 10/16; Columbia, SC; marijuana possession

Dixie Elixirs' Tripp Keber.
Dixie Elixirs’ Tripp Keber.

Cliff Harris 4/29; Morristown, NJ; marijuana possession*

Assemblyman Steve Katz 3/14; Coeymans, NY; marijuana possession

Vincent "Tripp" Keber 5/18; Gulf Shores, AL; marijuana possession

Adam Kokech 7/9; Herndon, VA; magic mushrooms possession

State Rep. Jeremy LaFaver 8/25; Boone County, MO; marijuana possession, paraphernalia

Lil Reese (Tavares Taylor) 7/13; Chicago, IL; marijuana possession

Lil Twist (Christopher Moore) 7/8; Calabasas, CA; DUI/marijuana

Chris & Melanie Perez
Former Indians closer Chris Perez with his wife Melanie.

Demetruce McNeal 8/17; Auburn, AL; marijuana possession

Otis Nixon 5/5; Canton, GA; crack cocaine, paraphernalia

NJWeedman (Ed Forchion) 4/15; Evesham, NJ; marijuana possession, paraphernalia

Matt Nutter 8/12; Blue Lake, CA; marijuana cultivation; one year probation

Dylan Patton 5/13; Agoura Hills, CA; cocaine sales

Chris Perez 6/3; River Rock, OH; marijuana possession; fined $250

49ers linebacker Aldon Smith.

N.A. Poe (Richard Tamaccio) 5/18; Philadelphias, PA; possessing marijuana on federal property; fined $805

Rep. Trey Radel 10/29; Washington DC; cocaine possession

Craig Robinson 10/9; Freeport, The Bahamas; marijuana and Ecstasy possession; fined $1,000

Robbie Satria 10/18; South Jakarta; marijuana possession

Justin Scott-Wesley 10/30; Athens, GA; marijuana possession, paraphernalia (grinder)

Aldon Smith 9/20; San Jose, CA; marijuana possession, DUI

Jason Snelling 11/15; Winder, GA; marijuana possession, paraphernalia (grinder)

Jack Swagger (Donald Hager) 2/19; Gulfport, MS; marijuana possession, DUI

Miguel Torres 8/24; Marshall County, IN; marijuana possession, synthetic marijuana possession, DUI

Wayward Bill (William Chengelis) 6/17; Washington, DC; possession of marijuana edibles; paid $50 fine

J'Marcus Webb 2/24; Pulaski County, IL; marijuana possession; dismissed

* arrested together


Steve Bloom

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