Adam Kokesh Busted in Virginia

Adam Kokesh
Adam Kokesh was arrested at his home in Virginia on July 9.

Federal authorities raided the home of activist Adam Kokesh in Herndon, Virginia on July 9. Police found magic mushrooms and a gun, and arrested Kokech.

A former Marine, Kokesh had announced a pro-gun march on Washington, DC for July 4 that never took place. However, Kokesh was seen in Freedom Plaza near the White House loading a shotgun on Independence Day. Hence, U.S. Park Police led the raid.

On May 20, Kokesh was charged with resisting arrest during the Smoke Down Prohibition marijuana protest in Philadelphia.

Kokesh's website reports that "officers used a battering ram to knock in the door after two knocks, and did not announce they had a warrant. Immediately after breaking down the door, a flash grenade was deployed in the foyer… Masked men in full 'Storm Trooper' gear flooded in and ransacked the residence… After hours of determined attempts, the safe was forced open and all items inside were confiscated. Adam was arrested and his crew was told he was being brought to the Herndon Police department overnight… Fairfax County Adult Detention Center has stated that it has Adam in custody."

According to the Washington Post, "Kokesh refused to be fingerprinted or arraigned, or to speak with court officials"

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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