Rapper Lil Reese Busted in Chicago

Lil Reese
Lil Reese to the police: ’I got a little weed, so what? There’s serious crime out there. This ain’t a big deal.’

Lil Reese mug shot
Lil Reese’s mug shot.

Chief Keef's bud, Lil Reese, was arrested Saturday by Chicago police, who nabbed him with a bag containing four grams of marijuana.

Reese (nee Tavares Taylor) was hanging out with friends on South Wabash Ave. when cops moved in. As he attempted to walk away, police stopped him. During the frisk, they found the bag and $2,100 cash.

"I got a little weed, so what?" Reese allegedly told the cops. "There's serious crime out there. This ain't a big deal."

Though he was busted for possession, Reese's legal problems run much deeper, dating back to burglary charges in 2010 and criminal trespass in 2012. On Apr. 13, he received several vehicle violations and on Apr. 28 was arrested on a warrant.

Part of Chief Keef's Glory Boys Entertainment crew (Keef was also busted for marijuana possession in May), the 20-year-old Lil Reese is signed to Def Jam.

Steve Bloom

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