Drug-Bust News

Christiania's Pusher Street Shut Down in Copenhagen

The shooting of two Danish police officers has led to the destruction of Pusher Street, a tourist attraction in Copenhagen's historic counterculture community, Christiania. The shooter sold drugs on the famous strip.

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Chicago Rapper Twista Busted for Weed in Indiana

A routine traffic violation turned into a marijuana arrest when rapper Twista's Rolls Royce was pulled over en route to a concert in South Haven. Police in Portage charged Twista (Carl Mitchell) and three others with possession and took them to jail.

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2015 Celebrity Drug Busts from A-Z

Celebrities getting arrested for drug possession is on the decline. Just eight celebs, including Rick Ross and Nelly, were busted in 2015, a drop of 80% from 2014.

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Shia LaBusted Again, This Time in Texas

Oft-arrested actor Shia LaBeouf was charged with public intoxication in Austin on Oct. 9. When police stopped the "Tranformers" star for jaywalking on Sixth St., they determined that he was drunk (and/or stoned) and took him to the Travis Country jail

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Arrests Piling Up on Phish's Summer Tour

Last night in Raleigh, NC 65 Phish phans were busted in an around Walnut Creek Amphitheater on a variety of drug charges. A total of 122 arrests have made during the group's summer tour.

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