Rob Corry Busted for Smoking Pot at Rockies Game

Rob Corry
Denver marijuana activist and lawyer Rob Corry was arrested at a Rockies game for smoking pot. (Getty Images)

It's legal to smoke pot in Colorado these days, just not in public. Marijuana activist Rob Corry broke the law at a recent Rockies game and was arrested for it.

Police charged Corry with suspicion of public consumption of marijuana and disobedience to a lawful order after they saw him and a female companion puffing a joint in a concourse at Coors Field on Sept. 25.

"You're a stupid cop," the Denver-based attorney allegedly told the officer. "You're going to make this easy for me. You can't search me. It's only a citation.

Corry has had other run-ins with the police in the past, including an arrest in June for breaking the windows of a recreational vehicle.

He helped draft Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana in Colorado last November. Unfortunately, the new law does not allow for public smoking.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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