Willie Nelson's Daughter Busted for Weed in Texas

Nelson on her pot bust in Menard, TX: "They were doing their jobs and they were upholding a law that shouldn’t be a law." (Photo by Kevin Lance)

Paula Nelson, Willie Nelson's third eldest daughter, was arrested for marijuana possession in Menard, Texas on Sunday, Apr. 20.

Nelson, who's a singer like her father and leads the Paula Nelson Band, was stopped about 150 miles northwest of Austin for speeding. She and her band were returning from a two-week tour of Colorado. "Because of my lineage I got a lot of gifts while we were there," Nelson says, referring to her famous father and the generosity of marijuana users in a state where's it's legal.

Paula Nelson’s mug shot. She’s Willie Nelson’s third eldest daughter. Her mother is Connie Koepke.

"I really didn't know what the right thing to do was," Nelson explains. "They asked if they could search and I said okay, and I pretty much knew what was going to happen after that. They were doing their jobs and they were upholding a law that shouldn't be a law."

Police found less than two ounces of pot and some edible products in the car. Nelson was taken to Menard County Jail, where she spent the night, and then released on bond. Afterwards, Nelson posted the arrest photo taken by her drummer Kevin Lance on Facebook and commented, “Let’s just say I’m writing a new song called ‘Spread ‘em, squat and cough.’" They've both since been deleted.

About his daughter, Nelson tells CelebStoner: "There's something to the apple not falling far from the tree. She's a tough little outlaw."

Update: Nelson further tells CelebStoner about Paula's arrest: "They dismissed that. The judge threw that out and took it off the record. She's fine."

Nelson, 44, is the daughter of Nelson and his third wife, Connie Koepke.

She recorded "Have Your Ever Seen the Rain" (below) with her father on his latest album, To All the Girls… Paula Nelson's current album is titled, appropriately, Under the Influence.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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