Busted in Beijing: Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee

Thumb’s Up: Jaycee Chan and his famous dad, Jackie.

Jaycee Chan and fellow Taiwanese actor/singer Kai Ko were caught in a sweep of Chinese pot-loving celebrities on Aug. 14. Chan was charged with possessing 100 grams of dàmá (Chinese for marijuana) and briefly detained by authorities in Beijing.

The 31-year-old son of action hero Jackie Chan has appeared in numerous movies and also has a singing career. He was born in Los Angeles and briefly attended the College of William and Mary before moving to Hong Kong 11 years ago.

Police raided Chan's home in Beijing on Aug. 14. Presumably Ko was with Chan when police arrived and searched the premises.

A Chinese anti-drug advisor says celebs are being targeted in the crackdown because of their "huge influence (on) their large numbers of fans."

Ironically, Jackie Chan is a Narcotics Control Ambassador for the Chinese government. China routinely executes drug offenders, but Chan will likely be required to go to rehab.

Jackie Chan: 'I hope that young people will see Jaycee as a cautionary tale and stay away from drugs. I failed to teach my son and I should also bear responsibility. Jaycee and I deeply bow in apology to society.'

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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