Pot Chocolate Controversy in Chippewa Falls

The chocolate bar in question: BlueKudu’s Original 225 MG bar. It’s for patients "looking for extra relief."

The father of a 15-year old girl in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has been charged with child neglect, possession of THC and recklessly endangering her after she ate a marijuana-infused chocolate bar at Chippewa Falls Senior High School and became intoxicated.

Jason Hetke’s mug shot.

The BlueKudu Chocolate bar contained 10 doses at 22.5 THC per dose. She took it from her father, Jason Hetke's, dresser drawer. It was marked, "Extremely potent. Do not at all at once," and came from Colorado. This all happened on June 12.

On its website, BlueKudu describes "The Original 225 MG" bar: "Two types of bold chocolate with a hint of natural oranges makes this a chocolate lover's reward that's also rich in antioxidants. What's not to love about that? We have packed 225 MG THC into this bar for those looking for extra relief! Available in Hybrid only." It's listed in the "Medical Products" section of the site. Blue Kudu products are available at 10 pot-shops - both medical and recreational - in Denver.

During a search of Hetke's residence, police found a bag containing 43 grams of infused chocolate and three grams of marijuana concentrate.

Hetke's son Brett was also arrested for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

The daughter, who has not been named, was referred to juvenile court.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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