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Christiania's Pusher Street Shut Down in Copenhagen

One of the famous murals in Christiania, the "Free Community" in Copenhagen.

The shooting of two Danish police officers has led to the destruction of Pusher Street, a tourist attraction in Copenhagen's historic counterculture community, Christiania. The shooter sold drugs on the famous strip.

But it was the residents of Christiania who dismantled the 25 or so tents and structures where marijuana and other drugs have long been sold to locals and tourists. Clearly, the community had had enough of the violence associated with Pusher Street and seized the opportunity to shut it down.

Mesa Hodzic shot two Copenhagen cops when they tried to arrest him on Aug. 31. Police traced him to another area of Copenhagen and killed him on Sept 2. 

A Christiania resident dismantles a structure on Pusher Street after the shooting of two Danish police officers. (ScanPix Denmark)

"All our friends that live in Christiania are very happy," a Danish expat tells CelebStoner. "It's been a terrible element there for years. The pushers are horrible, rude and violent. The guy who runs one of the vegetarian restaurants wrote in Danish on his wall: Now we can get high in peace.

"The residents hate Pusher Street. Those people don't live there, don't vote wihin their system, and just come in and disrespect everyone. They've been invited to the meetings for years and never come. That kind of attitude is not the ethos of the hippie community. This has happened before and it moved to the streets. But the residents there always have weed. Denmark just needs to legalize."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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