Celebrity Drug Busts from A-Z (2017)

Trevone Boykin

So far in 2017, there have been eight celebrity drug arrests: 

Trevone Boykin: 3/27; Seattle Seahawks QB charged with misdemeanor B possession of less than two ounces of marijuana and misdemeanor C public intoxication after the vehicle he was riding in crashed into a bar in Dallas and mowed down pedestrians (seven were hospitalized); released on $500 bail. 

 Chief Keef (Keith Cozert): 6/12; Chicago rapper charged with marijuana and paraphernalia possession at Sioux City Regional Airport in South Dakota; he was held at the Minnehaha County Jail without bail.

Yvonne Elliman-Alexander

Yvonne Elliman-Alexander: 8/16. "If I Can't Have You" singer arrested in Guam by Customs after am eight ounce of meth and a pipe was found in her bag. Her husband Allen Alexander was also apprehended for possession three grams of marijuana. Elliman was released on a $10,000, but wasn't allowed to learn the country until the matter was resolved.

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge: 8/17; "Come to My Window" singer busted for possessing a controlled substance (cannabis oil – ie, a vape pen) when her bag was searched upon entering the US in North Dakota from Canada on her tour bus. She pled not guilty.

Demetrius Harris

• Demetrius Harris: 3/7: Kansas City Chiefs TE charged with suspicion of felony  possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in Bates Country, MO after traffic stop. 

Artie Lange

Artie Lange: 3/12; former Howard Stern Show sidekick arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia in Hoboken, NJ parking garage; the charges were dropped on 4/4.

Natrez Patrick

Natrez Patrick: 10/5; University of Georgia linebacker charged with marijuana possession after a traffic stop in Athen, GA for "prohibited stopping, standing or parking." Taken to Athens-Clarke County Jail, he was released 10/6 on $1,500 bond. Patrick was previously arrested for pot in 2015.

Zach Randolph: 8/9; the Sacramento Kings forward was arrested at a Los Angeles housing project for possession of marijuana with intent to sell as well as resisting arrest; in September, he pled no contest to the resisting arrest charge and received a sentence of 150 hours of community service.

Adrien Robinson: 7/31; former New York Giants WR arrested for possession of more than 20 pounds of pot and paraphernalia in Mifflinburg, PA after traffic stop on I-80 and subsequent search of his vehilce; he was released after paying $10,000 bail.

Todd Rundgren: 9/9; "Hello, It's Me" rocker busted at the US-Canada border in North Dakota when Customs agents found two vape pens in his possession.

Shock G

Shock G (Greg Jacobs): 6/13; Digital Underground rapper arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia after traffic stop in Rice Lake, WI at 2 am; he was released on $100 bail.

DJ Williams: 4/18; Karl Denson's Tiny Universe guitarist arrested at the Abu Dhabi International Airport in Dubai, UAE for possessing a canabis oil vape pen; released after spending three months in jail and returned to the US.

Young Thug

Young Thug (Jeffrey Williams): 9/23; rapper arrested during a traffic stop due to tinted windows on his Mercedes-Benz Maybach in Brookhaven, GA and charged with felony possession of marijuana; released on bond on 9/27.


Musicians: 7
NFL players: 3
College football player: 1
NBA player: 1
Comedian: 1

Male: 11
Women: 2

African-Americans: 9
Whites: 4

North Dakota 2
Georgia: 2
Missouri: 1
New Jersey: 1
Texas: 1
South Dakota: 1
Wisconsin: 1
Pennsylvania: 1
California: 1
Dubai: 1
Guam: 1

Celeb drug busts in 2016: 20
Celeb drug busts in 2015: 8
Celeb drug busts in 2014: 43
Celeb drug busts in 2013: 48
Celeb drug busts in 2012: 39
Celeb drug busts in 2011: 66

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