Rapper Chief Keef Busted for Weed in South Dakota

A general rule is not to carry illegal drugs onto planes, but Chief Keef gave it a try and got caught on June 12 at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport in South Dakota.

TSA found four blunts and two edible products in the Chicago rapper's carry-on bag at 8:30 am. He was charged with possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia. According to reports, he had "between two ounces and a half-pound of marijuana" in his possession. Keef (nee Keith Cozert), 21, was taken to Minnehaha County Jail and release on $2,000 bial on June 14.

Chief Keef’s mug shot from his April DUI.

In South Dakota, possession of two ounces or less is misdemeanor punishable by maximum penalties of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

On June 11, Keef performed at anti-bullying event in Sioux Falls, which is near the state's Eastern borders with Iowa and Minnesota.

He was previously arrested for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct during a hotel-room bust in Atlanta in 2013. Keef is also facing a DUI charge that took place in Miami Beach on April 8. Police allege he was high on "drank," a codeine-laced beverage that's popular in the South. Listen to "Drank Head" below.

His debut album, Finally Rich, reached No. 29 in 2012. Two singles from the album also charted: "I Don't Like" (No. 73) and "Love Sosa" (No. 56). Kanye West featured Keef on "Hold My Liquor" in 2013.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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