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Two NFL Players the First Celebs Arrested for Marijuana in 2018

Reuben Foster

Reuben Foster - Jan. 12; San Francisco 49ers linebacker arrested in Tuscaloosa, AL after a traffic stop and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana. He was released on $2,500 bond. Foster played college ball at the University of Alabama. 

Carlos Henderson

Carlos Henderson - Jan. 15; Denver Broncos wide receiver arrested in West Monroe, LA after a traffic stop for speeding and charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana). The police report claims he admitted to smoking pot earlier in the night. Henderson played college ball at Louisian Tech.


Professional football players: 2

Males: 2

African-Americans: 2

Alabama: 1
Louisiana: 1

Celeb drug busts in 2017: 23
Celeb drug busts in 2016: 20
Celeb drug busts in 2015: 8
Celeb drug busts in 2014: 43
Celeb drug busts in 2013: 48
Celeb drug busts in 2012: 39
Celeb drug busts in 2011: 66


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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