Marijuana Lifer and Snoop Dogg Associate Weldon Angelos Receives Pardon

2017 SXSW panel (from left): Unidentified Koch Industries rep, Snoop Dogg, Weldon Angelos and Koch’s general counsel Mark Holden

Angels are looking down on Weldon Angelos and other marijuana prisoners who are being pardoned or having their sentences commuted during the 2020 holiday season.

President Trump pardoned Angelos on Decemeber 13 at the request of Alice Johnson, whose sentence for her involvement in heroin sales was previously lifted by Trump at the request of Kim Kardashian.

Weldon was arrested in 2003 for selling marijuana to an informant on three occassions. A search of his his home found several guns. He received a 55-year sentence, but was released from prison in 2016

Weldon tweeted: 

A music producer, Weldon founded Extravagant Records and worked with Snoop Dogg and others. “He had to provide means for his family and himself,” Snoop Dogg said in 2017. “It wasn’t like it was a violent crime he was committing – he was just hustling.”


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