Pot Grower Andrew Cox Released from Prison, Life Sentence Overturned

Andrew Cox with two of his children

Andrew Cox's life reads like a movie. Twice convicted of drug trafficking in 1991 and 2000, the Feds nabbed him again growing marijuana in Georgia in 2005. Facing third-strike charges, Cox went on the lam for three years before he was captured in Arizona. Then the government threw the book at Cox, sentencing him to life in prison.

The good news is Cox has been released. On January 6, Cox's law firm Goodwin and Last Prisoner Project (LLP) who advocated for him, made the announcement. Goodwin filed a motion for Cox's compassionate release from USP Atwater in California in December. Cox, who is 57, served 13 yerars of his sentence.

"We're thrilled for Andy to finally get the justice he's been so long denied," Sarah Gersten wrote at the LPP website.

According to the FBI press release in 2009, "During their investigation U.S. Forest Service agents discovered 724 seedlings in the yard of Cox’s father's property and an additional 594 plants at three separate grow sites in the adjacent forest, ranging in maturity from three to four inches to 4-½ feet tall, for a total of 1,318 plants. Cox was originally indicted for the offense on January 11, 2005, but fled after he was indicted."


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