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Lil Baby Busted, James Harden Hassled for Weed in Paris

The following musicians, athletes and other celebrities have been arrested for cannabis or other drugs so far in 2021:

Jesus Carmago-Corrales’s mug shot

• Jesus Camargo-Corrales - March 17

Cubs' minor league pitcher arrested in Eagle, Colorado; charged with four class 1 drug felonies and two class 4 drug felonies for possession and intent to distribute drugs; 21 pounds of meth and 1.2 pounds of Oxycodone pills found in his duffel bag during a traffic stop and subsequent search; allegedly, he unwittingly transported the load from Sinaloa, Mexico for $500; most recently played for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in 2019.

Alex Caruso’s mug shot

Alex Caruso - June 22

Lakers' guard arrested in College Station, Texas after Texas A&M police (he attended the school) found a grinder in his bag during check-in at Easterwood Airport; charged with possesion of less than two ounces of cannabis and paraphernalia; released on $4,200 cash bail; currently a free agent, has averaged six points per game in his four seasons with the Lakers.

James Harden and Lil Baby in Paria

Lil Baby (nee Dominique Jones) - July 8

While in Paris for Fashion Week with James Harden, the Atlanta rapper and two others were arested for possessing 20 grams of pot; the vehicle they were riding in smelled of cannabis; police searched Harden who was heard saying, "It's OK, I don't understand"; some sort of vape device was confiscated from Harden, an NBA All-Star who plays for the Nets; Lil Baby 's last album My Turn hit No. 1 in 2020; he's had six Top 10 singles. 

NLE Choppa’s mug shot

• NLE Choppa (nee Bryson Potts) - March 28

Memphis rapper arrested in Davie, Florida; charged with possession of cannabis (seven grams), possession of Xanax (three pills), carrying a concealed firearm and burglary of an unoccupied structure; has had several Top 40 hits, including "Shotta Flow" in 2019.



2021 Total: 4

Musicians: 2
NBA player: 1
Baseball player: 1

Male: 4
Female: 0

Black: 2
White: 1
Latin: 1

Colorado: 1
Florida: 1
Paris: 1
Texas: 1

Celeb drugs busts in 2020: 8
Celeb drug busts in 2019: 21
Celeb drug busts in 2018: 20
Celeb drug busts in 2017: 23
Celeb drug busts in 201620
Celeb drug busts in 2015: 8
Celeb drug busts in 2014: 43
Celeb drug busts in 2013: 48
Celeb drug busts in 201239
Celeb drug busts in 2011: 66


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