Zac Brown Band Skips Vancouver Show Over Border Snafu

Zac Brown and the Zac Brown Band tour bus

Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band canceled their October 21 show at Vancouver's Rogers Arena due to border issues. When several crew members were barred from entering Canada, the entire band elected to blow off the show altogether.

"Some of our crew members had charges on their records from over a decade ago that have since been removed," the popular Atlanta-based country band posted at Facebook.

"Our team has regularly performed in Canada for 10 years, including two performances this year alone. Each time we’ve come to Canada, we've been at the mercy of a single border agent who decides who is allowed in to work, and unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it in the country last night. We are a family, a tribe. We stick together and support each other and we never leave anyone behind."

It's unclear which crew menbers and what charges were being referred to.

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In 2016, Zac Brown himself got caught up in a scandal when several people were arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession and sales at a party he attended at the Four Season Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Not only was Brown not busted by Palm Beach police, they left his name out of the report. After TMZ received a tip, Brown admitted he was there, stating:

"My dad always said nothing good ever happens when you stay out late. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way last week, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I attended a private gathering at a Miami-area hotel and had only been there for a short time when police officers arrived and arrested two people in the room who had just showed up a few minutes before. I did not know these people and had no idea that there were drugs in their possession. I cooperated fully with the authorities and am not part of any ongoing police investigation. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and I regret using poor judgment and putting myself in that position."

"Each time we’ve come to Canada, we've been at the mercy of a single border agent who decides who is allowed in to work."

The band turned their tour buses around and headed to Portland for their next show there on October 24. Look here for upcoming Zac Brown Band shows.

They've had eight No. 1 country singles and three No. 1 albums; Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Country Album (Uncaged) and Best Country Collaboration witn Vocals ("As She's Waliking Away" with Alan Jackson); and had a No, 20 crossover hit with "Country Fried" on their 2008 major label debut The Foundation (watch below)..


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