After High-Speed Chase, Alabama Frosh Busted for Felony Pot Possession

Tony Mitchell’s head shot and 2023 mug shot

Highly touted 19-year-old freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell had just enrolled at Alabama when police caught him speeding on Highway 79 in Holmes County, Florida, which borders Alabama, on March 15. 

The police report reads:

“I observed a Dodge Challenger black in color traveling south on Highway 79 appearing to be traveling over the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour. By utilizing my Stalker Dual Radar’s front radar antenna, I was able to confirm the vehicles speed at 78 miles per hour.

“As activated my head/tail lights and conducted a U-turn in an attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle accelerated to a high rate of speed. I activated my emergency lights and siren then notified Dispatch that I was in pursuit of a Dodge Challenger. The vehicle accelerated over 141 miles per hour. I lost visual of the vehicle at Highway 79 near Sam’s Bar."

The police were eventually able to stop MItchell, who was driving with a passenger in the car.

"By utilizing my P.A. mic, I instructed the driver to place the vehicle in park. The driver complied and I made a driver side approach and contacted Antonio Mitchell who was operating the vehicle and front seat passenger Christophere Lewis. I observed Mr. Mitchell’s eyes to be red and glazy. Mr. Mitchell appeared to have a slow and/or delayed response answering questions and provided me with an Alabama driver’s license. I did detect the odor of burnt marijuana coming from within the vehicle. I asked Mr. Mitchell if he had a medical marijuana card to which he appeared confused by the question. With prior knowledge that Alabama does not issue medical marijuana cards I asked Mr. Mitchell specifically to be honest if he had any marijuana in the vehicle."

A search of the vehicle revealed a half pound of pot, a loaded Spring Field 9mm firearm, $7,040 and a scale. Mitchell was arrested and charged with "unlawfully possessing marijuana with intent to sell and/or deliver" and Lewis was arrested and charged with unlawfully possessing marijuana with intent to sell and/or deliver" and "unlawfully carrying concealed firearm on or about his person without having a concealed weapons permit."

Mitchell was swiftly suspended by the football teamCoach Nick Saban commented: "Everybody’s got an opportunity to make choices and decisions. There’s no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You've got to be responsible for who you're with, who you're around and what you do, who you associate yourself with and the situations that you put yourself in. It is what it is, but there is cause and effect when you make choices and decisions that put you in bad situations."

On May 24, Mitchell pled no contest to the felony marijuana charge and was sentenced to probation for three years, a $1,560 fine, 100 hours of community service and drug counseling.

Mitchell starred at Thompson High School in Alabaster, AL before being recruited by the Crimson Tide, one of the country's best and most popular college football programs.


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