Former NBA Star Rajon Rondo Busted for Weed and Gun Possession in Indiana

Rajon Rondo with the Celtics and his mug shot

Things have not gone well for former basketball star Rajon Rondo since he left the NBA in 2020. On Jan. 28, Rondo was arrested in Indiana during a traffic stop for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession as well as unlawful possession of a firearm. The Kentucky native paid the $7,000 bail ($700) and was released from jail.

During his 16-year NBA career, Rondo played for two championship teams – the Celtics in 2008 and the Lakers in 2020. The point guard was a four-time All-Star who led the league in assists in 2012, 2013 and 2016 and steals in 2010. He was drafted in the first round by Phoenix in 2006 and traded to Boston on draft day. 

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Rondo's on-court career was marred by incidents. While playing for the Kings in 2015, he called a referee a f****t and was suspended for a game. Rondo was docked another game with the Bulls in 2016 for "conduct detrimental to the team." With the Lakers in 2018, he and Chris Paul had a fight during which Paul said Rondo spit on him; this resulted in a three-game suspension.

Following his retirement in 2022, Rondo brandished a gun and threatened a woman's life in Louisville and was hit with a restraining order. She told the police:

"Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior ... I am beyond fearful that Rajon will return and attempt to harm myself or the children and make good on his threats to end my life."

Rondo and the woman subsequently "reached an agreement" and the case was dismissed. But in 2023 she filed for anoher protective order against him.

The latest case is serious because of the gun charge (he's not allowed to carry a firearm due to the current no-contact order). All three charges are misdemeanors. The stop occurred in Jackson County, Indiana in the afternoon "after a caller reported a black 2022 Tesla traveling recklessly on I-65 Southbound," WDRB in Louisville reports.

"A trooper smelled marijuana, leading to a search that found a gun, a 'personal use' amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia."

Rondo, 37, has a court date on Feb. 27.

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