Sanna Marin Passes Drug Test After Video Shows Finnish PM 'Partying'

Finnish PM Sanna Marin in her business attire (left) and partying (right).

The controversy currently embroiling Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has detoured into the question of whether she used drugs while "partying" with friends captured in a video, recorded in Helsinki and posted at Instagram. Watch it below.

According to Aljazeera, "Some interpreted comments heard in the video as referring to narcotics."

One woman in the video shouts out "flour gang." "Flour" is Finnish slang for cocaine.

To prove her innocence, Marin took a drug test for cannabis, coke, opioids and amphetamine. She tested negative. 

Cocaine can stay in your system for up to three days. The party took place over the weekend of August 6-7. The test was given on August 19. Coke would have long disappeared from her system. So this test proved very little.

Sanna has said, "Never in my life, not even my youth, have I ever used drugs."

The Finnish agency THL notes in its Drugs section: "Finland's drug policy is prohibitionist: both serious drug offenses, referring to drug manufacturing, trade and trafficking, as well as the use and possession of drugs is illegal and punishable."

Sanna, who at 36 is one of the youngest leaders in the world, would certainly be disobeying Finnish law if she did inhale coke at the party. She admitted to drinking, which is of course legal for adults. 

While Sanna has denied using drugs, she defended her actions, saying: "Everyone needs a fun and relaxing evening out." However, it would be wise in the future for Sanna to not call dancing and drinking "partying." Most people associate drugs with that term. 



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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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