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Veganic Girl Scout Cookies Wins U.S. Cannabis Cup

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Veganic Girl Scout Cookies won top U.S. strain at the Denver Cup

The popular California strain, Girl Scout Cookies, took the top prize at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver on Sunday. The winner was Veganic Girl Scout Cookies (Platinum Cut) from Private Stock LA/Buds and Roses Collective. Girl Scout Cookies got its start in San Francisco. The "platinum" version is a mix of OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush.

Here's a partial list of the Cannabis Cup winners:

U.S. Mixed Flowers
#1: Veganic Girl Scout Cookies (Private Stock LA)
#2: Chem Tange (La Conte's North)
#3: Kosher Kush (DNA Genetics)

U.S. Mixed Hash
#1: Tangie Shatter (Reserva Privada)

Medical Indica
#1: Skywalker 600 (The Greenest Green)

Medical Sativa
#1: Tangie (The Clinic/Colorado)

Medical Hybrid
#1: R-18 (Denver Relief)

Medical Concentrate
#1: Gucci Earwax (Karmaceuticals)

Medical Non-Solvent Hash
#1: Flo-G Wax (Essential Extracts)

Medical Edible
#1: Bhang Ice Peppermint Chocolate Bar (The Healing Leaf LLC)

Complete winners list here.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Kushman

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