The Great BHO/Dab Controversy

Is BHO extraction and dabbing dangerous and unhealthy? A majority of stoners think so.

In an informal Facebook poll, nearly three quarters of commenters oppose BHO (hash concentrate extracted with butane), which is inhaled via dabs. Friday's explosion at a lab in California sparked the discussion.

Here's a sampling of the comments posted at the Willie Nelson Teapot Party page:

• Smoke weed, nobody gets blown up.
• Bubble hash is better anyways. Too many amateurs leave a lot of residual butane in BHO.
• Just because a few morons blow themselves up does not mean that BHO can't be made safely. The BHO concentrate is the best medical marijuana breakthrough in the last 2 decades.
• BHO is kind of like a deep fried turkey, awesome if done right, but a disaster waiting to happen in a lot of cases.
• BHO production is illegal in California. Dr. Jay Kavanaugh (RIP) did extensive lab analysis of BHO and found dangerous levels of hexane, pentane, etc. He created a super critical CO2 process, expensive but VERY clean. Very important for medical patients.
• You get more "contaminants" in the flame of your Bic lighter than in the BHO.
• I love BHO. Leave it to the pros.
• Weed is fine and safe and organic, why tamper with it with a bunch of nasty chemicals?
• Super critical CO2 is great but most smaller commercial grows do not have that kinda cash on hand (yet) to invest, that cost needs to come down. Personally I do not need 65%+ THC to medicate but some do and BHO is one of the best delivery methods. Do it right! Outside, with fire precaution close to set-up.
• Why BHO when you can have full extract cannabis oil made with grain alcohol that can be evaporated or reclaimed?
• Don't think explosions will help the marijuana movement. It surely will hinder it.
• I like cannabis because it is NOT heavily or chemically processed. Dabs don't do it for me.
• What's wrong with just smoking a nice joint anymore?
• Anything should be organic. That processed butane thing is a death wish.
• Stop acting like junkies. It's not crack, just smoke au natural. You don't have to get that high. If your tolerance is up, quit for a week.
• Ice extraction bubble hash is way better, and if you do it right you can get those high THC % like wax gets.
• The problem with solvent extracts is that they're relatively new and only barely emerging from the underground, so we can't say for sure the effects of a life of dabbing.
• I don't smoke butane, but I love oil made with Ethanol (Everclear)!
• This is just another case of fucking up a wet dream. Now they can blow up a hash lab in every movie and call it dangerous.
• This is the crack of weed. It's just no good.
• CO2 is a better solution, but a bit harder for the novice.
• These people that are blowing themselves up are amateurs. Some of the best growers don't even bother processing their own stuff, they take it to 6 figure labs and let a real PROFESSIONAL do it.

What do you think?

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.