Stoner Fruit Cocktail: Mangos, Marijuana and Myrcene

Mangos & Marijuana
Eat a mango one hour before inhaling and your high with be stronger and last longer. (CelebStoner)

Since the mid-'70s there has been a underground debate going on pertaining to mangos adding length and strength to the marijuana high.

Recently wrote: "Eating fresh mangos or even drinking a fresh mango smoothie one hour prior to smoking will dramatically increase the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana and help medical marijuana patients to ease their pain even more so. This is because a chemical compound known as myrcene terpenes, which is most often used for fragrances, can be found within cannabis as well other plants such as lemon grass, hops and, of course, mangos."

Alternative medicine guru Dr. Andrew Weil has written about mangos in High Times and his books. "My heaven would offer endless mangoes," he says.

There's even a marijuana strain named Mango.

I figured I'd check it out myself. Before I started peeling mangos, I hit the web to understand more about this debate. What I uncovered, in theory, actually makes sense how the mango and marijuana work together. In laymen's terms, myrcene helps deliver THC to the brain quicker. The normal blood-brain rate is seven seconds. With the help of the mango that time can be cut in half. The myrcene found in mangos can also lengthen the high and make your smoke last twice as long.

I also learned myrcene is at its highest concentration in overly ripe mangos and that lower quality strains of marijuana generally do not have as much myrcene as higher quality strains.

I sliced up a mango and fired up the Volcano. I didn't have an hour to kill when I woke up around noon on Saturday, so I vaped some Hash Plant and left the house. When the munchies came on about an hour later I polished off the mango and went on about my day. I didn't notice my high increase, but I can say I was lifted until five o'clock. My Hash Plant high normally lasts 3-3.5 hours. With the mango it exceeded four.

Sunday I left wide open. I got up at 11 am and scarfed down a nice overly ripe mango. An hour later I got the vaporizer warmed up and filled a three-foot party bag with Hash Plant. I'd read that the the high would come on quicker and smoother, and after just a few hits you'd willingly put down your pot. Well, for me, all of that was true. After my first few pulls off the bag I noticed I was already lifted. After my second bag I didn't need anymore and turned the Volcano off. Within 10 minutes of my first hit I was in orbit. I'd been smoking this particular strain for a few weeks and Sunday was the highest I'd been off it. I also noticed that the medicinal properties in the cannabis were elevated as well.

All in all, I'm sold on mangos helping aid one's high when mixed with cannabis. Mangos can also help enhance the quality of your bud by adding to the amount of myrcene in your body. Plus, people who have a high tolerance for marijuana should use mangos before and during inhalation to help achieve the maximum euphoric state and pain relief. (For cannabis users who don't like mangos, try lemon grass, hops or black pepper extract to increased myrcene in your body.)

Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall

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