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Put Your Pot in the Lock Box

MedReturn units collect unwanted or expired prescriptions, over the counter and other medicines, and now marijuana.

It's a brave new world in Colorado, where stoners are encouraged to discard their excess weed at MedRetrurn containers placed in airports. No, TSA's not having a big pot party, Colorado's greenest will go up in smoke.

MedReturn II costs $695.

These "Drug Collection Units," sold by MedReturn LLC, are described as "a safe, effective and sustainable way to collect unwanted or expired prescriptions, over the counter and other unused medicines," and are intended for use by "law enforcement agencies." The MedReturn II (pictured above) sells for $695.

"Anti-drug coalitions" are encouraged to "sponsor MedReturn Drug Collection Units for their communities."

"Make Every Day a Drug Take-Back Day!" the website hypes. One story is about an Eagle Scout who, working with local police, "coordinated the project."

The irony, of course, is MedReturn is now being used for marijuana.

Say you're a marijuana tourist who arrives for a toking holiday. You hit 10 or more stores, sampling all the different flowers, concentrates and edibles. You just can't use it all and come departure day, you're stuck with the bags (or jars). This has happened to many an Amsterdam visitor. You end up suspiciously tossing your high-end Dutch buds into the trash or leave them behind. Of course, the best solution is to give it away. Or send some home in the mail (expect long lines at the P.O.). So these so-called "amnesty boxes" are a pretty cool thing. Except for destroying the dope.

Maybe they can give it away to a charity?

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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