Keith Stroup Decides Against Move to Colorado

Keith Stroup: "We decided to stay here in DC after all."

In February 2014, NORML founder Keith Stroup declared he was leaving his Virginia home for new digs in Colorado. But now he's changed his mind. "After living in DC for 48 years, it just feels like home," he tells CelebStoner.

Two months ago, he stated: "It just seems the right place to be at this time. After a couple of weeks debating whether I was comfortable leaving my home for nearly 50 years, I want to advise you that my wife Cindy and I will be moving out to Denver by Apr. 1 to help open a new satellite office of NORML, along with NORML Women's Outreach Coordinator Sabrina Fendrick. I am terribly excited about experiencing personally the wonderful new culture that appears to be developing around  the legalization of marijuana in Colorado."

After more deliberation, Stroup explains: "We decided to stay here in DC after all. I love Colorado, and will continue to visit whenever I have the opportunity."

Stroup founded NORML in 1970. He's the author of the memoir, It's NORML to Smoke Pot.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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