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Toga, Toga! Protest at Colorado Gov's Mansion

Mason Tveet holds a toga-themed press conferecne in front of Gov. Hickenlooper’s mansion in Denver.

Looking like Flounder from Animal House, Colorado marijuana advocate Mason Tveet dressed up in a toga yesterday to protest the frat-house atmosphere at Gov. Hickenlooper's mansion.

The issue: Hickenlooper, who owned a brewery before he was elected governor in 2010, has installed a draft-beer system in the sprawling house at 400 E. 8th Ave. in Denver.

"This is just another example of the pro-alcohol, anti-marijuana culture," Tvert railed in a white sheet and sandals in front of the mansion, which he dubbed "Delta House" after the stoner frat in Animal House. "He should be ashamed. It's a hypocritical message."

Tvert, who's the communications director at the MPP, is known for such stunts. He's long advocated that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, yet weed remains illegal. That's true on the federal level, but thanks to Tvert and others, Colorado passed Amendment 64 in 2012, which legalized pot in the state.

Hickenlooper has been steadfast in his opposition to the state's new cannabis economy, stating: "I hate Colorado having to be the experiment… I don't think governors should be in the position of promoting things that are not inherently good for people."

In a statement, the MPP chided the Gov: "There's nothing wrong with loving beer, but there is something wrong with simultaneously condemning adults for using a safer substance."

Retail marijuana business in Colorado in January had revenues of $14 million, raising $2 million in taxes.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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