Mendo Dope's Monster Medical Garden

Left front: Qrazy Train by TGA Gentics was likely to yield 8 to 10 pounds. Middle: Jesus OG by TGA Gentics. Featured in photo: MzJill of TGA. (Photo by T. Curtis, Sept. 21, 2013)

Here's the story, and more photos of the garden and the growers, as told to us by Old E of Mendo Dope, which he describes as "a cannabis culture ganja farming music group" in Mendocino County that includes himself and his brother Bleezy:

"On Oct, 10, 2013, the Mendocino County Sheriff and C.O.M.M.E.T. (County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team) got a call from an unknown person reporting a grow of 300 plants in Redwood Valley, California. They came to the house with the Eradication Team where Mendo Dope was growing legal medical marijuana, a total of 25 plants. They said because our plants were so big that we were no longer legal, even with cards. They had no search warrant, handcuffed us to our wheelbarrel in the backyard, and drove a wood chipper into the garden and chopped down every plant. We had harvested a few plants that were hang-drying inside the house and garage. The Eradication Team searched the house and took everything they found, including our phones. They left us with nothing. We did not get charged, but had a meeting a few months later with our lawyer and the District Attorney of Mendocino County, who told us that we were 'too good of farmers,' and dropped the case with no charges."

Old E says they're currently growing an outdoor "charity garden."

Strains: Qrazy Train, Jesus OG, Qush and Mickey Kush, all by TGA Genetics.

Aerial view of Mendo Dope garden full of TGA strains: Qrazy Train, Jesus OG, Qush and Micky Kush. Featured in photo: Bleezy of Mendo Dope. (Photo by Dj Ignite, Sept. 24, 2013)

Both plants: Qrazy Train by TGA Genetics. Plant at right was likely to yield 10 to 12 pounds. Featured in photo: Bleezy and Old E of Mendo Dope. (Photo by T. Curtis, Oct. 3, 2013)

From left to right: Three Jesus OG plants and Qrazy Train at the right, all by TGA Genetics. Featured in photo: Old E, MzJill, Subcool and Bleezy. (Photo by T. Curtis on Sept. 21, 2013)


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Steve Bloom

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