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Uruguay's Mujica Calls U.S. Pot Legalization Sloppy

Uruguay Pres. Jose Mujica knocks American marijuana legalization. His country’s program will not be operational until 2015.

In announcing the delay of his country's marijuana program, Uruguay Pres. Jose Mujica stated, "If we want to do this sloppily, it is not hard to do that; that's what the United States is doing. But if we want to get this right, we're going to have to do it slowly.”

It appears that Mujica does not approve of the American approach to marijuana legalization. In May, he said...

'We aren't going to promote smokefests, bohemianism, all that stuff the try to pass off as innocuous when it isn't.'

Mujica called "what they do in Colorado… a complete fiction." He was referring to loose medical marijuana regulations, not recreational sales.

The new law in Uruguay, passed in December, went into effect in May, but the government grown weed won't be available until 2015. It's expected to sell for $1 a gram.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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