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In Defense of Buds and Babes

Before I started working for Stoned Girls, I polled about 20 men who recreationally smoke weed. I asked them questions like, “How do you feel about women who smoke weed?” and “How does smoking weed enhance your experience with a woman, both sexually and emotionally?” Finally, I asked them, “What do you think of women who smoke more than you do?”

For men who can barely articulate the details of their work day, I got paragraphs upon paragraphs of love and adoration for women who love to get high. Every single man wrote back that they found these lady-tokers to be sexier than non-smokers. Every single man agreed that smoking weed enhanced their overall mental and physical relationship with a woman, as well as lead to an almost instant level of familiarity. Every single man also agreed that no woman out there smokes more than they do. 

Well, it was almost a win. 

Female stoners get a bad rap, and apparently even the men who embrace us still think that we're below them on some HIGHerarchy of smoke-ability. If you Google image search “stoners” and eliminate the images without a human in them, roughly 75% of the remaining images feature men. When you search “women who smoke marijuana,” the second most popular related search is “girls who smoke weed are unattractive.” The point is, women are not only being underrepresented in cannabis culture, but also are portrayed negatively when they're acknowledged at all.

Enter Stoned Girls.

We’re More Than Just Boobs And Bongs

A lot of people are surprised when we say that Stoned Girls is completely run by women. Allow me to clarify that: Every single person in the office is a woman. This includes our photographers and videographers.

It's Stoned Girls’ mission to reclaim this negative and unattractive stereotype women have in cannabis culture. Not only that, but we’re making it sexy, relevant, intelligent and funny. And we will be damned if any man can out-smoke us. 

So, yeah, we have a lot of pictures of hot women smoking weed. You know what else we have? Humorous editorial commentary. An open forum for people to anonymously ask for advice on subjects they feel they can’t approach with their friends. We offer a safe haven for all the stoner women out there who feel alone. We offer sex tips, travel tips, life tips and even a few educational lessons.    

What Our Models Say

Part of our job is to photograph beautiful women smoking weed. Tough gig, right? As the head content writer and creative director of all of our shoots, I’ve taken it upon myself to get to know our models pretty well. I ask them personal questions so as to build a relationship with them. They’re the face of our movement and it’s important to know their thoughts and feelings.

First, let me start off by saying I wish the entire world could meet these women. Never in my life have I met a group of such poised, intelligent and charismatic ladies. Quite frankly, it’s not only refreshing, but awe-inspiring to see the sheer confidence they possess. But it’s not just that. On any given day, you can wander down to our studio and see these women bestowing this confidence on the entire group of us. They radiate it, and it is truly a pleasure to know them.

So, like I said, it’s important to me to get to know these women, and also know their feelings on what Stoned Girls is doing for the female stoner. I always ask them if they feel objectified when they’re being photographed. Every single one says no. These shoots and the resulting pictures make them feel sexy and powerful.     

So, What Do Women Who Visit the Site Have to Say?

Most people assume that Stoned Girls is just for men because of all the nudity. Well, once again, they would be wrong. I get several e-mails a day from people who visit the site, and they’re almost always from women. 

Marilynn wrote: “Hey I think u are fucking amazing I really like you.”

Cindy wrote: “This is the best website I have ever found while mindlessly surfing the internet while super baked.”

Christi wrote: “Let me tell you how awesome and talented you are. Your site is legendary and your photos are amazing, I mean who doesn't love pictures of sexy women smoking weed… Thank you for doing this.”

Jenny wrote: “It’s nice to read about some of the things my friends are too shy to talk to me about.”

This site is for everybody who wants to explore what it means to be a modern woman who smokes marijuana. Being sexy is just part of the equation.   

So, yea, we’re more than just boobs and bongs. Oh, and we’ve got a big ol’ sexy brain to go with our big ol’ sexy tits. And, yeah, we smoke just as much if not more than you do. Try and keep up.    

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Rebecca Hourselt

Rebecca Hourselt

Head content writer and creative director for StonedGirls.com.