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The Top 10 Marijuana News Stories of 2014

Charlo Greene shows off a joint after she quit her TV job to campaign for marijuana legalization in Alaska.

8. Baked Alaska: TV Reporter Quits On Air in Support of Marijuana Legalization

Talk about your 15 minutes of fame. In September, Charlo Greene, a reporter for KTVA in Anchorage, pulled a stunt seen 'round thew world. On camera, Greene interrupted a news report to say she's the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and plans to dedicate all of her energy to legalizing marijuana in Alaska. "As for this job, well, it's not that I have a choice," she explained, then suddenly blurted out: "Fuck it, I quit." The video went viral and Greene became a momentary sensation. As it turned out, Alaska did indeed legalize it and we've hardly heard a peep from Greene since. Good job, Charlo!

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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