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Buddie the Marijuana Mascot Irks Ohioans and Activists

Buddie the Marijuana Mascot in front of the Yes on 3 van in Ohio.

ResponsibleOhio's attempt to reach out to college students with a sativa superhero named Buddie appears to be backfiring. 

Guysville lawyer Don Wirschafter posts on Facebook: "How clueless is this? And we're supposed to trust these people with the exclusive right to grow our weed forever? Vote no on RO." 

Industry veteran Steve Fox adds: "I present to you the stupidest, well-funded marijuana campaign in history. I'm actually sitting here trying to imagine the conversation that took place that led to the unveiling of this mascot. It might go like this: Let's see, the negative is that it might appear as if we are marketing marijuana to children. But on the positive side...what? No, seriously, what?" 

Freedom Leaf senior editor Chris Goldstein says, "Some marijuana mascots I really enjoy, like DelawareNORML's leaf-shaped Hempy, but this strange character for ResponsibleOhio is just disturbing."

Theresa Daniello from Ohio Families CANN agrees: "Targeting college children with comical mascot to win their campaign is extremely disturbing."

ResponsibleOhio (RO), the organization that's heading up the effort to legalize pot in Ohio, says the marijuana mascot is currently on a tour of statewide campuses dubbed "Buddie's 21 and Over Club." According to spokeswoman Faith Oltman, the goal is to "engage millennial voters… in a new, creative and exciting way." 

Prior to this controversy, RO has ruffled many feathers with its monopolistic approach to taxing and regulating marijuana. The amendment's 10 primary financial backers will be rewarded with exclusive cultivation contracts if Issue 3 passes in November. 

What do you think of Buddie - is he cool or inappropriate?

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.