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THe Joy of Cannabis

Is Your State More Into Smoking, Vaping or Edibles?

Based on a survey of more then 150,000 geotagged tweets over the last month, has compiled a map and list of the prefered marijuana intake methods in all 50 states.

In a third of the states (34), cannabis consumers like to smoke. A quarter of the states (12) are more into vaping and just .08% (four) are down with edibles.

Here's the breakdown (smoking/vaping/edibles - leaders in bold):

Alabama 1,400/530/170

Alaska 260/160/69

Arizona 2,400/2,100/680

California 20,700/12,500/6,200

Colorado 1,800/1,600/760

Connecticut 510/630/760

Delaware 120/19/0

Florida 4,800/3,600/1,400

Georgia 4,900/1,800/770

Hawaii 370/760/110

Idaho 310/230/61

Illinois 5,300/3,000/1,800

Indiana 1,400/910/200

Iowa 540/300/92

Kansas 410/460/61

Kentucky 900/640/160

Louisiana 2,100/570/530

Maine 170/190/220

Maryland 2,200/1,100/600

Massachusetts 2,000/2,400/650

Michigan 4,000/2,500/710

Minnesota 810/910/200

Mississippi 460/170/61

Missouri 680/790/150

Montana 62/160/46

Nebraska 250/340/61

Nevada 2,500/2,600/820

New Hampshire 140/75/160

New Jersey 1,200/880/240

New Mexico 650/290/99

New York 6,900/6,800/1,400

North Carolina 2,400/1,500/500

North Dakota 250/160/38

Ohio 3,300/2,200/470

Oklahoma 1,200/750/210

Oregon 1,600/1,100/730

Pennsylvania 3,900/2,200/610

Rhode Island 340/160/59

South Carolina 620/420/92

South Dakota 97/130/23

Tennessee 1,600/920/260

Texas 15,500/5,500/3,400

Utah 520/550/150

Vermont 44/130/150

Virginia 1,600/1,000/230

Washington 2,700/2,200/660

West Virgina 250/330/15

Wisconsin 790/840/120

Wyoming 120/84/8

Asked about the legitimacy of these stats, Ryan Taylor, who sent this information to CelebStoner via Fresh Mechanism, says:

"While tweets can't really be considered 'hard data,' I do believe they're a good temperature gauge in terms of measuring sentiment towards a certain subject. In addition, because of the larger number of tweets available, the same size is far greater than any survey. Basically, what we're showing is that if a state talks about vaping cannabis more than smoking it (joints, bongs, bowls, blunts, etc.) or edibles, that may signify that vaping cannabis could be the most popular method to consume, or at the very least, the most popular method to consume among Twitter users in that particular state, which is a significant amount of people. In addition, it's no accident that these things have a regional component as you will often find trends among certain regions of the country, like the Upper Northeast talking about edibles more than any other way to consume."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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