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Stoner Disobedience: Dude Lights Up in Court

Spencer Boston smokes a joint in a court in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Spencer Boston decided to stage a protest during a court appearance for a marijuana citation in Lebanon, Tennessee.

As he faced the judge on January 27, Boston, who's 20, reached into his pocket, pulled out a joint and a matchbook and sparked it up.

Like a true freedom fighter, Spencer Boston made a brief statement before being removed from court.

He was quickly removed by the bailiff, charged with contempt of court and possession and sentenced to 10 days in jail without bail.

"The people deserve better..."

...Boston declared as he was escorted from the general sessions court.

It's unclear when and where the original citation was given.

Spencer Boston’s mug shot

A GoFundMe page for Boston says: "Spencer was taken into custody for bein a true fuckin savage!! free this man!!!!!" It's received $3,572 so far.

FUN FACT: Alyssa Boston (no relation) wore a flamboyant green costume festooned with pot leaves as the Canadian contestant at the recent Miss Universe competition. 

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