Cannabis Community Devastated by Loss of Charlotte Figi

The little girl who turned the world on to the powers of CBD has died. Thirteen-year-old Charlotte Figi passed away at home in Colorado on April 7. 

"Charlotte is no longer suffering," a friend of Charlotte's parents posted at Facebook. "She is seizure-free forever."

Figi suffered from Dravet's Syndrome, a form of epilepsy, since she was just three months old. Before her parents put her on a CBD regimen, she experienced countless seizures. CBD reduced the seizures and alllowed Paige and Matt Figi to get her off pharmaceutical drugs.

Paige explained what happened to Charlotte on Facebook: "Our entire family had been ill for close to a month, starting early March, but did not initially fit all of the criteria for COVID-19 testing. For that reason we were told to self-treat at home unless the symptoms worsened. Charlotte's symptoms worsened, so she was admitted to the PICU (at Children's Hospital Colorado in Colorado Springs) on April 3. She was treated on the COVID-19 designated floor using all the medical protocols set in place. On Friday, April 3 she was tested, the results were negative for Covid-19 and discharged on April 5 when she seemingly began to improve. Charlotte had a seizure in the early morning on April 7 resulting in respiratory failure and cardiac arrest."

Beginning in 2013, Dr. Sanjay Gupta told the Figis' story in a series of Weed specials on CNN that dramatized how medical marijuana could help even our youngest patients.

Figi was five when her parents started administering CBD oil. Gupta pronounced on the show, "The results are shocking." The seizures had stopped. 

Paige reached out to the Stanley Brothers, who were growing high-CBD plants. Charlotte started using their oil in 2012. Their company CW Hemp eventually named a strain - Charlotte's Web - after her.

Last year, Gupta revisited the Figis in his fifth Weed program.

"Charlotte changed the world," he notes in his own personal remembrance. "She certainly changed my world and my mind. She opened my eyes to the possibility of cannabis being a legitimate medicine. She showed me that it worked to stop her crippling seizures, and that it was the only thing that worked. She was proof that withholding a medication, even one that comes in the form of a plant, would be as much a moral failing as a medical one."

Reaction in the cannabis commuty to Figi's death was swift and emotional.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.