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Dabbing Granny Slammed for Using N-Word on Instagram

Gail Olson a.k.a. Dabbing Granny

Gail Olson, known as Dabbing Granny, has been silenced on Instagram. The woman known for posting videos of her taking dab hits from unique rigs also drinks alcohol. In her drunken stupor she's recently used the n-word on several occasions.

In this clip, Olson asks a black man she calls Chris, "I wanna know why you brothers can call each other niggas?"

He replies: "It's our right to, that's why. We say we love drug granny. But drug granny is the racist granny. This is crazy."



Olson says it again in this clip.


Olson's @dabbing_granny Instagram account has been deleted. But she just started several new accounts.

A petition to "delete @dabbing_granny from Instagram" received 4,500 signatures.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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