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420 Pot Plants Reportedly Found Growing Next to Mexico's Senate

Part of the "marijuana plantation" growing outside the Mexican Senate in Mexico City.

When The Hill posts an article with this headline we investigate:


420 marijuana plants found growing outside Mexican Senate


However, the headline for the same story in Mexico's 24 Horas reads:


Marijuana plantation grows next to the Senate of the Republic


According to the article:

On one side of the Senate of the Republic, a marijuana plantation has begun to grow, due to the weather conditions in Mexico City.

In the Luis Pasteur Park, which is located next to the Senate, several groups settled in a camp earlier this year to demand that legislators regularize cannabis.

For this reason, in two square meters of the public garden, the collectives carried out the planting with the aim of making it the first non-clandestine planting, say the activists.

For his part, the president of the Justice Commission in the upper house, Julio Menchaca Salazar, explained that the law for the regulation of marijuana, which was generally approved last Wednesday, will help combat violence rates in Mexico.

"Peasant farmers would no longer be criminalized, as they are often forced to plant marijuana illegally. The state would regulate production chains and guarantee quality," stressed the legislator.

This proposal includes a regulation for therapeutic, scientific and recreational purposes, as well as conducting research around the plant, which has been banned in Mexico for 100 years.


The "420 marijuana plants" apparently came from this tweet:

"A whole marijuana garden grows in front of the Senate of the Republic. The rain and warm weather helped the growth of 420 marijuana plants in the Luis Pasteur Park, adjacent to the Senate of the Republic."

Interestingly, 420 founders The Waldos would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue in San Rafael, CA at 4:20 pm.

420 in Spanish is cuatro cien y veinte.

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