A Dozen Longtime Marijuana Prisoners Have Sentences Commuted

John Knock (right) with sister Beth Curtis (left) and his son

In his final act as President, Donald Trump granted pardons and commuted the sentences for nearly 150 people. Thirteen marijuana prisoners received commutations or pardons. They are:

• Lynn Barney (pardon)

• Jonathon Braun

• Craig Cesal

• Corvain Cooper

• Anthony DeJohn

• Noah Kleinman

• John Knock

• Way Quoe Long

• Michael Pelletier

• James Romans

• Ferrell Damon Scott

• Brian Simmons

Each person was sentenced to life in prison for marijuana offenses, except for Braun, Kleinman and Simmons. Many others on the pardon and commutation list were jailed on drug offenses (cocaine, methamphetamine).

"I did hear from John [Knock] briefly the day before yesterday and he did not seem to think this was coming," pot prisoners' advocate Cheri Sicard commented on Facebook. "Now they will all be on their way home. I'm so thrilled for everyone who won today's 'clemency crapshoot.'"

Sicard is only disappoined that others - such as Parker Coleman, Lance Gloor, Edwin Rubis and Luke Scaramazzo - didn't receive commutations as well. A commutation reduces penalties but doesn't overturn convictions.

High Times lawyer Michael Kennedy filed the clemency petition for Knock, who served 24 years and is now 73 year old. Kennedy's colleague David C. Holland tells CelebStoner:

"This act of clemency could not have been achieved if it weren't for the inspiring and tireless efforts of John's sister Beth Curtis who never gave up hope or faith that his release would someday be obtained. She and the numerous advocacy groups that took up John's cause deserve all the credit.

"For me, this marks the end of a nine-year journey that began in 2012 when Michael Kennedy, Esq. and I filed a group clemency petition on behalf of John Knock and four other elderly first-time offender inmates serving at least one life sentence without the opportunity of parole  for marijuana only crimes. Last night, John Knock, the fifth and final member of that group, had his sentences commuted. This morning he's heading home. This has been one of the most satisfying moments of my legal career."

Knock's sister Beth Curtis, who founded Life for Pot in 2008, posted at Facebook:

"Tonight my brother, John Knock was granted clemency by President Trump. I can only say Thank You. Thanks to everyone who supported his petition and supported the petitions of other nonviolent marijuana offenders serving life and other egregious sentences. There were eight clemencies granted to people on the Life for Pot site. We will always support mercy and compassion for this category."


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