Ganja Shortage in Jamaica? Depends on Who You Ask

Anonymous Rasta ganja grower. No shortage here.

It's the headline that went around the ganja world:

Weed Woes (in Jamaica)

Shortage Threatens the Medical Sector, Growers Hike Prices Sky High

Based in Kingston, The Gleaner reported on February 2:

"Adverse weather and inferior plant strains have been cited for an island-wide ganja shortage that could threaten Jamaica’s emerging medicinal-marijuana industry."

The Jamaica Observer responded on February 4 with this headline:

No Ganja Shortage in Medicinal Cannabis Industry

"There has been no such report from CLA licensees and checks made with licensees have confirmed that there is no shortage,” Cannabis Licensing Authority acting senior director of operations Faith Graham stated.

AP added:

"Cannabis Licensing Authority - which has authorized 29 cultivators and issued 73 licenses for transportation, retail, processing and other activities - said there is no shortage of marijuana in the regulated industry. But farmers and activists say weed sold via legal dispensaries known as herb houses is out of reach for many given that it still costs five to 10 times more than pot on the street."

The Kaya Herb House in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Herb houses like Kaya in Ocho Rios charge US$10 per gram. The current conversion rate is US$1 to Jamaican $148. That would make the gram price  J$1,480.

So-called "street weed" may be scarce due to rains and drought that plagued the Island in 2020. 

According to Road Affair, as of October, the street prices were:

"Weed = J$50 small bag (2 joints) / J$100 large bag (4 joints)"

Via We Be High:

"100 Jamaican dollars will get you a couple of grams. Ten US more than you can smoke."

Jamaica has had 17,298 Covid-19 cases and 358 deaths. The country is especially strict with travelers from U.S., Brazil, MexicoDominican Republic and Panama, requiring all arrivals to have proof of passing a Covid test within the last 10 days.


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