Watch the Sunset at 4:20 in a Handful of North American Cities

4:20 sunsets are rare in North America, but there are a few.

How would you like to light up at sunset at 4:20?

New Yorkers can't do it. In fact, most Americans live at a latitude that's too far south to have a 4:20 at sunset. 

On Nov. 7, the sun set at 4:20 in Quebec City. On Nov. 9, it happened in Spokane, Washington.

Seven more North American cities will experience a 4:20 sunset in 2021. Here are the cities and dates:

• Nov. 19 - Montreal and Montpelier, VT 

• Nov. 25 - Vancouver, BC

• Nov. 30 - Seattle

• Dec. 6 - Duluth, MN and Ottawa

• Dec. 18 - Victoria, BC


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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