Legalization Initiatives Make the 2022 Ballot in Maryland and South Dakota

Currently, there are 19 states that have legalized adult cannabis use.

Ballot initiatives are a practical way to pass marijuana legalization in states that allow them to change laws.

Eleven of the 19 states that have legalized adult use did it via ballot initiatives. The rest, and most recent, are the result of legislation moving through state chambers and signed by supportive governors. The latest state to succeed in this fashion was Rhode Island. A similar effort in Delaware ended with a veto.

So far two states - Maryland and South Dakota - have confirmed cannabis initiaives in November. According to NORML, five more states are hoping to qualify.





Like in New Jersey, the legislature punted the issue to voters, who will get to weigh in at the ballot in November. If passed, the Maryland Marijuana Legalization Amendment would amend the Maryland constitution.


South Dakota

Meassure 27 (the Marijuana Legalization Amendment) is on the 2022 ballot. In 2020, voters passed Amendment A by a 53% margin, but it was overturned by state courts

Augmented South Dakota map





Two initiatives are vying for the November ballot. A third, backed by Arkansas NORML, is slated for 2024.



Senate Joint Resolution 2003 is still pending for the 2022 ballot.



The Marijuana Legalization Act is still pending for the 2022 ballot.


North Dakota

The Marijuana Legalization Initiative is still pending for the 2022 ballot.



Two initiatives are vying for the November ballot. They have the same name - The Marijuana Legalization Initiative - but only SQ 819 is a constitutional amendment.




States That Have Legalized Adult Use

Via Ballot Initiatives

Alaska, Arizona, California. Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Via Legislation

Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia


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