Celebrity Brands Arrive in New York: We Test Tical and Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 and Tical products at Terp Brothers in Queens, NY

After a full year of legal cannabis sales, celebrity brands are starting to show up on dispensary menus in New York. Two popular New Yorkers, Method Man and Mike Tyson, are kicking off the trend with their Tical and Tyson 2.0 brands. Stores like Conbud and Gotham Buds in Manhattan and Terp Bros in Queens are stocking them.

Terp Bros has a a mini preroll two-pack of The Method (18% THC) for $20 and three Tyson strains (eighths for $52): Tiger Mintz, Dynamite Cookies and Knockout OG (all indicas, grown by Hudson Cannabis). I asked for the brightest green flower; Tiger Mintz (30% THC) was recommended. The total with tax was $81.36.

Tiger Mintz from Tyson 2.0

The package contained small buds, nothing to brag about. However, they smoke well. So do the prerolls, though I'm generally not a fan of them. 

Terp Bros will also soon stock Wu-Tang Clan's Protect Ya Neck brand.

In an article covering the Tyson rollout in New York stores, New York Times reporter Ashley Southall writes:

“Cannabis brands backed by big names have drawn mixed reception. While they tend to outsell traditional brands, they cannot compete with the biggest brands that are selling millions of dollars of weed each month. In California, the nation’s largest market, just nine of the 30 best-selling brands are owned or backed by celebrities, including Tyson 2.0, Houseplant by the actor Seth Rogen and Mirayo by the musician Carlos Santana, according to Headset, a data firm specializing in cannabis.”

A search at Headset contradicts this information regarding top-selling celeb brands in California. Headset tracks the following 15 celebrity brands:

• Cookies (AZ, BC, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NV, NY ON, OR, WA; $5m+, strong growth)

• 22RED (AZ, $1m+, growth)

• Caviar Gold (AZ, CA, MI, SK; $1m+, neutral)

• Tyson 2.0 (AZ, CA, CO, IL, MD, MI, MO, NV, NY, OH, WA; $1m+, decline)

• Garcia Hand Picked (MA, MD, MI, OR; $1m+, decline)

• 93 Boyz (IL, $1m+, decline)

• Khalifa Kush (AZ, MA, MD, NV, OR; $500k+, strong growth)

• Evidence (CA, $500k+, strong growth)

• Belushi's Farm (IL, MA, NV; $100k+. growth)

• Cheech & Chong's (CO and NV, $100k+, neutral)

• Willie's Reserve (AZ, CO, MO, NV, OH; $100k+, decline)

• Primitiv (MI, $100m+, decline)

• Viola (AB, CO, NV, ON, OR, SK; $100k+, decline)

• Dr. Norm's (CA, $100k+, decline)

• Emma & Clyde (OH, <$50k+, growth)

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