Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Initiative Makes Florida Ballot

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The fourth-most populous state in the country will vote to legalize cannabis on November 5.

On April 1, the Florida State Supreme Court ruled 5-2 to allow Amendment 3 (a.k.a The Marijuana Legalization Initiative) to be on the 2024 ballot. It had been contested by Attorney General Ashley Moody..

Since it's a constitutional amendment, 60% of the vote is required for it to pass. 

Florida already has a large medical-marijuana program with 637 dipensaries (known as MMTCs) dominated by 20 companies. According to the ballot summary, it "allows Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, and other state licensed entities, to acquire, cultivate, process, manufacture, sell and distribute such products and accessories."

In other words, the current medical retailers and producers will be able to flip the switch from medical to adult use if the initiative passes.

The state's largest medical cannabis company Trulieve has bankrolled the Safe and Smart Florida campaign so far to the tune of $40 million. Trulieve CEO Kim Rovers stated:

"It’s all about improving access. We came into this with a mission to provide access to high-quality products that are safe and have an appropriate value proposition to give folks control over their – in the original days – medical journey. I don’t think that changes here. I mean, in effect we are at our core about expanding the opportunity for access to safe legal product, which is what this would allow us to continue to do." 

Here's a breakdown of the MMTCs in Florida:

Ayr Cannabis 64
Cookies 8
Curaleaf 62
Fluent 36
Gold Flowers 3
Green Dragon 37
GrowHealthy 18
House of Platinum 4
Insa 10
Jungle Boys 8
MUV 77
Rise (GTI) 16
Sanctuary 23
Sunburn 11
Sunnyside (Cresco Labs) 33
Surterra Wellness 45
The Cannabist 14
The Flowery 7
Trulieve 135
VidaCann 26



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