Cannabis 2024: Which State Will Be Next to Legalize It?

Voters in Florida and South Dakota can legalize adult-use cannabis in November.

Which state will become the 25th to legalize adult-use cannabis?

Last year three states – Delaware, Minnesota and Ohio – passed legalization.

In 2024, ballot initiatives will take place in Florida and South Dakota.



It took two years to get Amendment 3 on the ballot. After numerous court-ordered delays, the initiative was approved by the state's Supreme Court in April.

Since it's a Constitutional amendment, 60% is needed to pass.

The initiative allows for possession of three ounces and would permit the current Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMCTs) do the selling. That's why Trulieve and other MSOs have kicked in more than $50 million so far ($49 million by Trulieve alone - the others are Verano Holdings, Curaleaf and Green Thumb Industries). 

There are currently 630 dispensaries in Florida. Trulieve leads the pack with 124, followed by MUV (77), Ayr Cannabis (64), Curaleaf (62) and Surterra Wellness (45).

Florida voters legalized medical cannabis in 2016 (also an amendment).

Recent polls show 56% support for Smart & Safe Florida's Amendment 3.


South Dakota

They say the third time is a charm. Well, South Dakotans will have to do it again in November by casting their ballots for Measure 29.

The measure allows for possession of two ounces and 6-12 plants for homegrow. Business licensing would be handled by the legislature.

The passage of a similar measure in 2020 was overruled by the state's Supreme Court on a technicality. A legalization measure lost in 2022.

Why will this effort succeed when the others didn't?

"We firmly believe that South Dakotans deserve to make their own choices on how they live their lives, including the freedom to responsibly use cannabis," said the campaign's poliical director Zebadiah Johnson.

It will also help both inititives that 2024 is a Presdiential election cycle, which promises more voters going to the polls.


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