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Fireman Worried His Job May Go Up in Smoke

Like so many people who work in life-threatening professions, firefighters suffer from PSTD. Marijuana can help. But a failed drug test may result in the loss of a job. Here's one fireman's story.

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Bern, Baby, Bern! Sanders on When He Smoked Pot

During a campaign stop in Michigan on Mar. 7, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders stated: "I've done marijuana twice in my life when I was very young. it made me cough a lot."

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Marco Rubio on Why He Opposes Marijuana Legalization

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tends to repeat himself. In 2014, he said," I don't think there's a responsible way to recreationally use marijuana." Two weeks ago he said virtually the same thing: "There is no responsible way to smoke marijuana repeatedly. There’s nothing good about it."

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Jeb Bush Says Marijuana Causes Brain Damage

College pothead Jeb Bush now thinks marijuana has "devastating impacts on productivity and brain damage." He said this at the Republican presidential candidates' Town Hall in South Carolina on Feb. 18. He bowed out the race two days later.

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Marley Natural Strains Available at L.A. Dispensaries

LAPCG, Bud & Roses and Green Goddess are the first medical marijuana shops in the country to carry the new Marley Natural line of cannabis products. The strains in stock are Sensi Star, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Mountain Fire and C-3P0.

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