Marijuana News

Vermont Decriminalizes Marijuana

The Vermont legislature passed a bill that decriminalizes the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. On June 6, Gov. Shumlin signed it into law.

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Mark Kleiman Calls Out Jamen Shively

Washington State pot czar Mark Kleiman says Jamen Shively, who plans to corner the marijuana market in Washington and Colorado, is a "greedhead" and "terminally stupid."

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K-9s Can't Smell Weed Anymore

In Washington State, it's no longer cool for drug-sniffing dogs to detect marijuana during a search. Police departments and State Patrol are busily retraining K-9s and training new ones.

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The Skinny on Marijuana

A new study says marijuana use results in "lower prevalence rates of obesity and diabetes." So much for the theory that the munchies make people fat.

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Activists Arrested at Philly Pot Rally

Police busted several PhillyNORML members during the Smoke Down Prohibition protest at Independence Park on May 18. N.A. Poe and Adam Kokesh have since had criminal charges reduced to citations.

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