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The Great BHO/Dab Controversy

In an informal Facebook poll, nearly three quarters of commenters oppose BHO (hash concentrate extracted with butane), which is inhaled via dabs. Friday's explosion at a lab in California sparked the discussion.

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Bay Area Goes to Bat for Dispensaries

Oakland and Berkeley want the Feds to butt out of their marijuana business. Both East Bay cities have sued to keep successful centers like Harborside and BPG open.

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Florida 'Bong Ban' Fizzles

On July 1, bongs and pipes were supposed to disappear from store shelves in Florida. But a concerted effort by the state's Smoke Shop Association has left everything status quo.

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On a Roll: Michigan Man Treks to the White House

Strapped to his motorized wheelchair, Curtis Kile's road trip started on June 14 in Michigan. This cerebral palsy sufferer and medical marijuana advocate hoped to meet Pres. Obama when he arrived at the White House on July 4.

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Medical Marijuana Is Kosher, Says Rabbi

An Orthodox rabbi in Israel has declared the use of medical marijuana both "kosher" and a "mitzvah." The Hebrew word "mitzvah" means a "meritorious or charitable act."

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