Marijuana News

On a Roll: Michigan Man Treks to the White House

Strapped to his motorized wheelchair, Curtis Kile's road trip started on June 14 in Michigan. This cerebral palsy sufferer and medical marijuana advocate hoped to meet Pres. Obama when he arrived at the White House on July 4.

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Medical Marijuana Is Kosher, Says Rabbi

An Orthodox rabbi in Israel has declared the use of medical marijuana both "kosher" and a "mitzvah." The Hebrew word "mitzvah" means a "meritorious or charitable act."

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Real Decrim Fails Again in New York

Despite a marijuana decriminalization law that was passed in 1977, hordes of New Yorkers have been arrested for weed over the last 15 years, thanks to a loophole in the law.

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Nevada OKs Dispensaries

Gov. Sandoval signed legislation Wednesday that orders Nevada to regulate medical-marijuana centers. MMJ passed in Nevada in 2000, but dispensaries have been illegal, until now.

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Pot Parade: Brazilians March in Sao Paulo

Thousands of Brazilians protested the country's marijuana laws during a large march in Sao Paulo on Saturday. "Legalize, Dilma," they chanted, exhorting Pres. Rousseff to act.

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