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The Top 42 Marijuana-Themed Podcasts

420 Radio
Al Rapp (host); based in Ontario; 302 episodes

420 Radio
Based in Portland, Oregon

Benzinga Cannabis Hour

Brave New Weed
Joe Dolce (host); 97 episodes

Jackie Bryant (host); based in San Diego

Cannabis Industry Voice
Presented by NCIA


Cann Thropology
Bobby Black (host)

Dazed & Infused
Latham Woodward (host)

Dude Grows Show

Great Moments in Weed History
David Bienenstock and Abdullah Saeed (hosts)

Green Entrepreneur
Jonathan Small (host)

Grow Bud Yourself!
Danny Danko and Mike G. (hosts); based in New York; 35 episodes

Grow from Your Heart
Rasta Jeff (host); 599 episodes

Hemp Barons
Joy Beckerman (host); 97 episodes

High Society with Paxton Quigley
Paxton Quigley (host)

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young (host)

Jazz Cabbage Cafe
Jamie Lowell and Rick Thompson (hosts); based in Detroit; Tuesdays, 4-6 pm ET

Let's Be Blunt
Montel Williams (host)

Let's Talk Hemp
Morris Beegle (host); 36 episodes

Marijuana Tomorrow
Dan Goldman (host), with Kris Krane, Shanita Perry and Adam Smith; based in New York; 35 episodes

On Something
Ann Marie Awad (host); based in Colorado

Planted with Sara Payan
Sarah Payan (host)

She Blaze
Ice Dawson and Dasheeda Dawson (hosts); Saturdays, 12 pm ET

Smokin' Rope
25 episodes

Still Toking
Benjamin Bartlett and Jeffery Homan (hosts); Fridays and Saturdays, 7-9 pm ET; 37 episodes

The Adam Dunn Show
Adam Dunn (host); based in Denver; Fridays at 4:20 pm MT; 207 episodes

The Cannabis Diversity Report
Tahir Johnson (host); presented by NCIA

The Green Nurse
Sherri Tutkus (host); Tuesdays, Wednesdays and  Fridays

The Green Rush
Anne Donohoe and Lewis Goldberg (hosts)

The Potcast

The Smokers Lounge 420
Mr. Styles (host)

The Stoner Jesus Show
Joe Klare (host), with St. Peter; since 1992

The Strain Show

The Toke
Janet Burns (host)

Time 4 Hemp
Casper Leitch (host)

Wake & Bake America

Weedsday Wednesday

Weed + Grub
Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson (hosts)

Weedman 420 Chronicles
Based in Chicago

Wine and Weed
Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher (hosts)

Women Leading in Cannabis
Kyra Reed (host); 17 episodes 

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.