The Top 60+ Cannabis Podcasts from A-Z

We list the top canna-casts below.

420 Radio
Al Rapp (host); based in Ontario; 302 episodes

Benzinga Cannabis Insider
Javier Haase and Elliot Lane (hosts); 211 episodes

Blunt Business
321 episodes

Branding Bud Live
David Paleschuck and Adriana Hemas (hosts); 32 episodes

Brave New Weed*
Joe Dolce (host); 122 episodes

Beyond the Show
Scott Reach (host); 61 episodes

Cannabis Community Podcast
Michael Scott (host); 28 episodes

Cannabis Voices*
Mary Biles (host); based in London; 57 episodes

Casually Baked: The Podcast
Jo (host); 246 episodes

Century of Lies
Doug McVay and Dean Becker (hosts); presented by Drug Truth Network; 420 episodes

Deadhead Cannabis Show
Larry Mishkin and Rob Hunt; 215 episiodes

Dude Grows Show

Great Moments in Weed History
David Bienenstock and Abdullah Saeed (hosts); 103 episodes

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Green Entrepreneur*
Jonathan Small (host); 100 episodes

Grow Bud Yourself!
Danny Danko and Mike G. (hosts); based in New York; 115 episodes

Jordan River (host); 121 episodes

Grow from Your Heart*
Rasta Jeff (host); 298 episodes

Happy Munkey Podcast*
Vlad Bautista and Ramon Reyes (hosts); 84 episodes

Hemp Barons*
Joy Beckerman (host); 139 episodes

High Priority
Alexis Dionne and Chelsea (hosts); 37 episodes

Erin Coffey and Derek Fukuhara (hosts); presented by Headset; 132 episodes

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young (host); based in Massachusetts; 253 episodes

Jazz Cabbage Café Radio Show
Jamie Lowell and Rick Thompson (hosts); based in Michigan; 88 episodes

Kush Life
Based in Oklahoma; 95 episodes

Let's Be Blunt with Montel
Montel Williams (host); 266 episodes

The Let's Talk Hemp Podcast
Morris Beegle (host); 54 episodes

Let's Talk Plant Medicine
Dr. Lola Ohonba (host); 60 episodes

Lite Up
Jennifer Le (host); 1 episode

Marijuana Mind
Cynthia Brewer and Dr. Justin Davis (hosts); 100 episodes

Marijuana Today
Various hosts; 10 episodes

Marijuana Tomorrow*
Dan Goldman (host), with Kris Krane, Shanita Perry and Adam Smith; based in New York; 100 episodes


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