The Top 35 Cannabis Podcasts from A-Z

We list the top canna-casts below.

420 Radio
Al Rapp (host); based in Ontario; 171 episodes

2 Be Blunt Podcast
Peezy (host); 172 episodes

Ask Chad Grassy Logic
Chad Lorenzo (host); via Adams Radio Group in New Mexico; 34 episodes

Benzinga Cannabis Insider
Javier Haase and Elliot Lane (hosts); via Benzinga; 261 episodes

Blunt Business
Via Cannabis Radio; 321 episodes

Branding Bud Live
David Paleschuck and Adriana Hemas (hosts); 53 episodes

Casually Baked: The Podcast
Johanna Nuding (host); 274 episodes

Cannabis Tech Talks
Via Cannabis & Tech Today; 162 episodes

Century of Lies
Doug McVay and Dean Becker (hosts); via KBOO; 20 episodes

Deadhead Cannabis Show
Larry Mishkin and Rob Hunt; 243 episiodes

Elevate Your Grind
Via Cannabis Lab; 191 episodes

Great Moments in Weed History
David Bienenstock (host); 120 episodes

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Grow Bud Yourself!
Danny Danko and Mike G. (hosts); based in New York; 230 episodes

Grow Weed at Home with Kyle Kushman
Kyle Kushman and Nate Hammer (hosts); based in Los Angeles; 300 episodes

Vivian McPeak (host); via Cannabis Radio; 281 episodes

High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast
Percy (host); 321 episodes

High on Tour
April Black and Victor Pinho (hosts); based in NorCal; 24 episodes

Planted with Sara Payan
Sara Payan (host); based in California; 92 episodes

Still Toking With
Benjamin Bartlett and Jeffery Homan (hosts); 186 episodes

The Adam Dunn Show
Adam Dunn (host); based in Denver; 426 episodes

The Cannabis Connection
Christopher Carr (host); based in Santa Cruz, CA; 83 episodes

The Cannabis Connoisseur
Jack Stone and Islah Washington (hosts); 273 episodes

The Cannabis Hangout
Brannan and Sabah (hosts); 215 episodes

The Cannabis Investing Podcast
Rena Sherbill (host); via Seeking Alpha; 321 episodes

The Cannabis Podcast
Gary Johnston (host); based in Canada; 142 episodes

The Dime
Bryan Fields and Kellan Finney (hosts); 189 episodes

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast
B-Real (host); based in Los Angeles; 974 episodes

The Green Rush
Anne Donohoe and Lewis Goldberg (hosts); via KCSA Strategic Communications; 296 episodes

The Mary Jane Society Podcast
Pam Chimiel; 162 episodes

The Potcast
Heavy Dayze (host); 117 episodes

The Rotation
Hosted by Suncoast NORML based in Florida; 142 episodes

The Young Jurks
Mike Crawford (host); based in Boston; 334 episodes

Thinking Outside the Bud
Bruce Eckfedlt (host); 416 episodes

Weed + Grub
Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer (hosts); based in Los Angeles; 356 episodes

Wine and Weed
Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher (hosts); 98 episodes

Women Leading in Cannabis
Kyra Reed (host); 76 episodes

WeedMan 420 Chronicles
WeedMan (host); 240 episodes

Weedsday Wednesday!
Belle Star and The Cannabis Kid (hosts); 300 episodes

Wide World of Dougs
Doug Benson and Doug Mellard (hosts); 145 episodes

Podcasts are aggregated at MJBulls and PodCONX. Haze Radio has a number of talk shows. FeedSpot lists The 100 Best Marijuana Podcasts


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