Podcast Highlights: Method Man, Peter Coyote, Ethan Nadelmann

Podcast interviewees Peter Coyote, Ethan Nadelmann and Method Man

Method Man on Maino Presents Kitchen Talk on Fox Soul

CelebStoner Method Man primarily discusses his acting career in this interview with Maino, Georgie and Hala.

Hala: "Do you meditate?"

MM: "Meditate? Yeah. Everytime I smoke, I meditate."

Maino: "How High. Was you smoking real weed?"

MM: "At first, yeah. They was like, 'You guys are so spot-on in the morning, but after lunch you come back smelling different.'

Hala: "Have you ever gone a period without smoking at all?"

MM: "No. Even when I caught Corona I was still smoking."

Hala: "A lot of people are saying smoking is giving them anxiety."

MM: "No, it takes it away if anything... If it's not from Northern California, it's suspect in my mind. Northern Cali has the best weed, but Colorado is a close second."

Method Man: "Even when I caught Corona I was still smoking."

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Peter Coyote on Planted with Sara Payan on Radio Misfits Podcast Network

Coyote is best known as the narrator of documentaries. He lives in Sebastopol in Northern Californnia. Now 81, Coyote arrived from New York to San Francisco in 1967 and was a key player as member of the Diggers during the Summer of Love.

• "I can't say I'm a part of the big marijuana revolution. In the '60s, I had all these friends who were really big dealers, burying semi-tractor trucks underground, putting grow lights in them, hanging them in trees and getting $5,000 a pound. Now, what I predicted would happen happened. Big companies have come in and they've used the law to wipe out all the small growers who'd been paying their mortgages and making a little spending money and then started realizing instead of 10 plants you could grow 100 plants or a thousand plants. Just like unregulated capitalism, the whole thing sort of metastisized into something that it wasn't in the '60s when I was there."

Peter Coyote and Sara Payan on Radio Misfits

• "I sound much more conservative, but I'm high all the time on the natch. And when I'm not I can get myself back there. And so I don't need to take drugs really. Maybe some people do, I don't care. But they need to know they're putting a Band-Aid over a wound that they haven't healed."

• "There's nothing stopping you from growing a few plants and giving them away. You don't have to have a hundred acres of plants and permits and irrigation... If you think weed should be free, grow a little with your extra money and give it away. Set that as an example."

Peter Coyote: "I'm high all the time on the natch... I don't need to take drugs really."


• Ethan Nadelmann on MJ Today on MJ Today Media

Kris Krane interviews former Drug Policy Alliance executive director and current Psychoactive podcaster Ethan Nadelmann.

• "The continuing progress towards marijuana legalization - we now have 21 states that have legalized - [is] getting closer and closer. We're probably going to see Minnesota and a few other states do it legislatively. I'm happy with that progress. It's moving at a nice pace. There have been no major obstacles... I'm also happy to see the marijuana arrests come down. It has in fact dropped significantly."

• "When people say to me, 'It's such a mess,' I say, 'Sure, but what did you expect?' It's basically the first time in American history that we've taken a market that is illegal for almost a century and tried to convert it into a legal market. The only prior analogous experience is the repeal of alcohol prohibition, but that was essentially relegalizing a drug that had been legal 14, 15, 25 years, depending on where you lived, before. We're doing something that's a monumental historical thing. Of course, it's going to be a disaster. Of course it's going to be a mess. But it is going to sort itself out.

Ethan Nadelmann: "We're doing something that's a monumental historical thing."


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